2 years ago

Change of Vehicular Address

Due to the building works going on nearby, our vehicular access address will be changing from  10am Thursday 9th November. Access will now be via Hunt’s Lane, London, E15 2QD.

If you are coming from Bow Roundabout you will need to continue up the road to the junction by the Tesco Express and turn left onto Warton Road. There is a small roundabout at the end of the road so you can easily turn around and come back. If for some reason this road is closed, you can also turn right onto Rick Roberts Way where there is also a roundabout. You will then need to continue down Stratford High Street and take the slip road towards Bow Roundabout. Hunt’s Lane is the first left after you pull onto the slip road. Signage will be in place to assist drivers with this diversion. Please see the below linked map and image for reference.

If you are coming from Stratford, your journey will largely be the same as usual. Hunt’s Lane is the first left after you take the exit towards Bow Roundabout (this is the first left after Sugar House Lane). This new route will be in place for approximately a year. There are no access restrictions on the size / weight of the vehicle.

Currently, the developer has not yet fully completed the pavement along Hunts Lane. This means they will be regulating one way traffic flows over a 250 metre stretch of Hunts Lane, with manned barriers at either end of this stretch, while they complete the pavement works. There will be space at either end for vehicles to wait until they are advised to proceed. We anticipate unimpeded two way access along Hunts Lane will be available before Christmas 2017.

Thank you all for your cooperation with this. If you have any questions please feel free to email bookings@3mills.com

Map of new vehicular access road showing one-way restrictions