BAD GIRLS on Tuesday 12 July 2005

Jim Fenner is living on borrowed time, the whole of G Ð Wing want him dead. It is about time Jim got what he deserved.
His list of enemies is long: Pat Kerrigan, the two JulieÕs, his mad wife Di, even his boss Neil Grayling is fed up with him. Soon all over Larkhall plots start brewing to top this guard off. Darlene Cake and Janine have a secret plan, and the two Julies have created their own method of murder. It looks like JimÕs time is definitely up.
Meanwhile, poor ÔCosta ConÕ Bev is adjusting to life back behind bars. She is miserable to have left sunny Spain without her friend Phyl Oswyn. And to make things worse Natalie Buxton is on the war path for jeopardising her escape.
Unlucky Sylvia Hollamby is also back on the G Ð Wing after her terrible time in Spain. She is feeling rather sorry for herself, as her deceased husband Malcolm drained every penny from her Ð the future is looking bleak.
Meanwhile out in Spain, life for Phyl is looking up as she enjoys the open road on her bike, freedom is such a luxury. But her desperation to pawn off the stolen gems may be about to land her back in hot water.
The women have organised a chapel service in memory of Yvonne Atkins and the new Larkhall chaplain is surprised at the strength of animosity against Jim Fenner. But it looks like Fenner is about to get his comeuppance, revenge is nigh! But who will do the deed?

Pictured: Bev (AMANDA BARRIE)

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