3 years ago

Impossible rehearses at 3 Mills Studios

It’s a kind of magic!

Impossible, produced by Jamie Hendry Productions, has been rehearsing here at 3 Mills Studios in rehearsal stage 2.

About the Show:
Impossible, the most dangerous show the UK has ever seen arrives at theatres across the country this spring. The show features the world’s greatest illusionists live on stage in a magic spectacular that will thrill and amaze audiences of all ages.
Fusing death-defying stunts, technological trickery, grand stage illusions and close-up magic in a fast-paced breath-taking performance, Impossible reinvents the biggest illusions in history in the greatest magic show on earth.
Fresh from its ground-breaking run in London’s West End, prepare to be mesmerized and baffled as Impossible brings together world-class performers showing off a stunning range of magical artistry; from astonishing acts of epic proportions to dumbfounding sleight of hand.
Whatever you do, don’t try this at home!

Click here to learn more about the amazing 6 magicians and illusionists who will be performing in the show.

The Tour:
The Impossible tour begins at Venue Cymru, Llandudno on 29th January and runs until 22nd March at the Palace Theatre in Manchester.

Full details of the tour and ticket info here.