5 years ago

Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy to show on E4

Noel Fielding, of The Mighty Boosh fame, returns to E4 for the second fantastical series of Luxury Comedy: Tales from Painted Hawaii, which was filmed at 3 Mills Studios in late 2013.

It’s safe to say that Luxury Comedy is quite unlike anything else on television – it’s a merry fusion of live action and animation, all topped over with music by Kasabian’s Sergio Pizzorno. Taking place in a coffee shop on the edge of a volcano in Hawaii, each episode of expressionistic hi-jinks sees Noel and the gang; Andy Warhol the cleaner (Tom Meeton), Dolly (Dolly Wells) and Smooth the anteater (Michael Fielding), caught up in a series of magical adventures. Guest stars in this series include Richard Ayoade, Steve Oram, Simon Farnaby and Rich Fulcher.

Luxury Comedy starts on 31 July at 10.00pm on E4