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Safe Working at 3 Mills Studios

3rd June 2020

As a facility 3 Mills Studios is uniquely positioned to help our clients deal with the challenges ahead. The health & safety of our people has always been our top priority and will be key to navigating the new normal together.

We have shared with our clients the 3 Mills Studios Re-occupancy Guidelines. These are a working set of documents which provide detailed on-site protocols in line with government policies and industry guidance around Covid-19.

The Studios are open for business with our first small-scale studio shoot taking place since the lock-down was lifted, and preparations being made for others. These are proving to be great examples for what can be achieved within the current situation.

Between now and mid-August, we have two self-contained areas available for small-scale productions, which are serviced with an ample suite of facilities for crew.

We are confident that by building this new set of guidelines into all decisions, production will be able to safely resume.

In the meantime, the 3 Mills team are here to facilitate you through that journey – so please get in touch should you have any questions about our plans and your future project requirements.

Contact us: Bookings@3mills.com 020 8215 3330

Covid-19 FAQs for Productions

3rd June 2020

Is 3 Mills open for business? 

Yes, we are currently able to take smaller productions which work within the Covid-19 guidelines.

What will be required from productions?

Going forward productions will need to continue working closely with the 3 Mills team on their advanced Covid-19 H&S planning requirements, including detailed risk assessments and method statements which are in line with 3 Mills Re-Occupancy Guidelines, and industry and Public Health England’s guidance (see Useful Links section below).

Are face coverings required for recces?

We would ask that visitors wear face coverings for recces, as we will be moving around site and inside enclosed spaces where social distancing is often not feasible.

Do 3 Mills have any restrictions on crew size? 

At this moment in time, we expect crew sizes to be limited to maintain social distancing within booked areas and to limit shared use of facilities. This will be informed by your project’s specific needs and risk assessment.

Will 3 Mills be providing sanitisers and PPE?

We will be providing hand sanitiser in the communal areas and entry ways. Where necessary our staff will also be provided with PPE. Productions will be responsible for providing their on-set sanitisation products and PPE for their crew.

What cleaning services are available on site?

The studio will be providing increased regular cleans of the communal areas and WC facilities, including sanitisation fogging.

Each production is responsible for providing a cleaning plan within their allocated spaces as this is subject to specific requirements. We are happy to facilitate this for you via our cleaning vendor Churchill and also provide fogging for your spaces in advance, or you are welcome to arrange via your own preferred supplier.

Do you have WC facilities to assign to separate productions?

Yes, we have ample facilities to assign productions which are self-contained and for the sole purpose of that production when on site.

What parking facilities do you have available on site?

We have ample crew parking available for productions and we are installing new bike racks to support the expected demand

Will 3 Mills be providing any guidance on social distancing signage?

We will have ample signage provided throughout site. We have a regular supplier that can provide further signage which we can facilitate for you.

Are catering services available on site?

Our on-site canteen is currently closed due to the limited footfall on site. When this picks up the canteen offering will likely return. In the meantime, Sands Catering who operate the canteen can provide location catering. Full details can be found here.

Useful Links

  1. 3 Mills Studios’ Re-Occupancy Guidelines
  2. Government Guidance on Covid-19
  3. HSE’s Guidance on Covid-19
  4. British Film Commission – Working Safely During COVID-19 in Film and High-end TV Drama Production
  5. APA’s Shooting Guidelines (for the commercial production sector)
  6. Pact – TV Production Guidance – Managing the risk of Coronavirus (COVID-19) in production making