4 years ago

Victorian steam punk style feature to shoot at 3 Mills Studios

AFTER FRANKENSTEIN, a Victorian ‘steam punk style’ feature is currently in pre-production and will shoot at 3 Mills Studios in April – May 2015.

A film by producer / director Ilyas Kaduji, executive producers Malcolm Winter, Chris Moss, Monika GergelovaJosef Brandmaier and Michael Park, and produced by Mafalda Sa, AFTER FRANKENSTEIN starring a soon to be announced Hollywood A-lister alongside Kerry NortonJamie Bamber (Battlestar Galactica, Law & Order: UK), William B. Davis (Smallville, X-Files) and James Wiles (The Riot Club, The Theory of Everything).

Victor Frankenstein and his monster died in September 1799. But what happened in the years that followed? Did their secrets also die with them? What became of Victor’s research and discoveries? What if his journals and notes fell into the wrong hands? What if…

England 1850. the industrial revolution is in full swing, leading the world with machines and inventions the like of which the world has never seen. The Victorian industrialists believe they are invincible, and have replaced God as the new masers and shapers of the earth, with Queen Victoria and country pushing for bigger and faster ways of conquering the world.

Some scientists haven’t totally dismissed the science of Alchemy and continue to search for the elixir of life.

New victims of gruesome mutilations are being found in the dark alleys of London almost every day. Patients from the city’s mental asylums are being robbed of their organs and limbs. Other patients are vanishing altogether. There is a very different kind of industrial revolution taking place. A sinister and dark one.

Once AFTER FRANKENSTEIN wraps, the producers’ will start production on their next feature film, a roman epic: FALLEN EAGLE, which is expected to begin principal photography in Autumn 2015.