ENO’s Satyagraha Rehearsals

The year started off with English National Opera’s rehearsals for Satyagraha taking place in Stage 1. It was a pleasure to have English National Opera back at 3 Mills Studios, as they have now been rehearsing here for many years.

Philip Glass’s mesmeric masterpiece has become an icon of contemporary opera. Satyagraha, a Sanskrit word meaning “truth force”, looks at Mahatma Gandhi’s early years in South Africa and his development of non-violent protests as a political tool. The story moves back and forth through Gandhi’s life, with the flow of time, words and music creating an hypnotic experience.

Satyagraha will be at the London Coliseum 1st February – 27th February 2018. For more information about Satyagraha and booking tickets, please visit their website.


  • on February 9, 2018