The BAFTA albert Studio Sustainability Standard 2024

We’re delighted to receive our Studio Badge and Rating of ‘Very Good’ in the BAFTA albert Studio Sustainability Standard 2024.

As a beloved home to world-class Film, HETV and Theatre/Music rehearsals, we are committed to promoting the best sustainability practices and creating real change within the industry. For us, this isn’t only striving to reduce the carbon footprint of running a studio, but also providing easy solutions for productions on-site to run just as smoothly while improving their impact.

This is why we jumped at the chance to partipate last year when BAFTA albert introduced the Studio Sustainability Standard, “a voluntary standard for studio facilities that has been created by and for the industry.” We were 1 of the 12 UK studios involved in the 2022/2023 report.

“In a world grappling with the urgency of climate change, 12
studios have stepped up to the plate, embracing their
responsibility and driving a transformative shift towards
sustainable practices in a commitment to align with net-zero
This report celebrates the studio trailblazers who are helping
to redefine what it means to be an environmentally conscious
industry. Each year, the Studio Sustainability Standard report
will become a compass guiding us towards a future where
creativity and sustainability coexist harmoniously.
The data-driven insights in this report shed light on the
progress made by studios in reducing their carbon footprint.
These numbers represent a collective effort to rewrite the
narrative of an industry”

Steve Smith, Project Lead for the Studio
Sustainability Standard
Participants of the 2023 BAFTA albert Studio Sustainability Standard

With a benchmark in place, we dove into 2024 with solid data, clear, achievable goals and industry guidance to improve our studio sustainability. The Standard helps us focus on where we can make improvements to reduce our environmental impact over six key areas:

  • climate (drive towards net zero)
  • circularity (minimising waste and use of materials)
  • nature (protecting and enhancing green space)
  • people (wellbeing of visitors, workers, communities and supply chains)
  • management (management, governance and training to improve sustainability)
  • and data (keeping accurate records).
Embracing green space on site – the unveiling of ‘Broome’s Blooms’ our onsite wildflower meadow – named after our retiring Facilities Manager Keith Broome

Being filled with stunning historical buildings creates a specific set of challenges when considering sustainability. However, at heart, we are a fully ‘recycled’ studio with very little embedded emissions, close to public transport and beautiful surroundings filled with wildlife, which reminds us everyday to stay conscious of our impact on the world.

Charge up! The brand new EV chargers installed in our car park

We are a 200-year-old site, the heart of the Three Mills Conservation Area with several listed buildings as part of the studios, so taking meaningful action on sustainability is no mean feat.

We saw 2022 as a year of gathering data, then 2023 as a year of massive action to improve our performance against the Studio Sustainability Standard.

I’m very happy to say that we have improved our score by over 250% from 2022, and are now ranked ‘Very Good’ by the Standard, with a ranking above the average of all the studios participating in 2023.

But for us, the Sustainability Standard is just a starting point.

Paul de Carvalho, Head of Studios, 3 Mills Studios – for Definition Magazine

  • on May 9, 2024